VCSE Advocates

It is vital that the Somerset voluntary, community and social enterprise sector is able to have a voice at all the key countywide public sector boards and committees. The Strategic Forum has set up a process to encourage wider participation in this, and to improve the opportunities for the wider sector to have its views heard, and influence decisions.

Current VCSE representation on Somerset-wide Committees, Boards and Working Groups

VCSE Advocates

The Strategic Forum will promote VCSE Advocate opportunities, and seek nominations for sector Advocates to attend individual boards and committees.

Advocates will be able to seek guidance and information from local groups before attending meetings, and report back on decisions and key actions via this website.

Advocates not ‘representatives’
Advocates will not represent the whole, diverse Somerset VCSE sector, but with the benefit of experience and a VCSE perspective, are in a great position to advocate on sector issues.

More information on being a VCSE Advocate

How to request an Advocate
If you are a countywide committee or board seeking a VCSE member, please complete a VCSE Advocate Request Form. This will be used by the Strategic Forum to advertise the vacancy to the wider sector.  Please email your completed form to .