VCSE Update: Somerset Children’s Trust Board

VCSE representative, Nik Harwood, attended the meeting of the Somerset Children’s Trust on 14th May 2019.

You can read his summary below:

  • Closing statement on Children’s Plan 2016-2019 was shared with achievements and areas for improvement (including those ported into the 2019-2022 plan, which is now published)
  • Theme for forward planning with heavy emphasis on ensuring the voice of child/young person is embedded into all strategic thinking & decision-making: also an indicator about bringing on-the-ground practice closer to strategic thinking
  • Update on Safeguarding Partnership (replacing Safeguarding Children’s Board) from October 2019 – statutory duty for 3 partners: LA, CCG, Police – planning and thinking around how this will work operationally (including dynamics above) in-hand, and proposal to central government by end of  June 2019
  • With now no statutory requirement for Children’s Trust Board and Safeguarding Children’s Board, this is an opportunity to streamline governance and Board level meetings – this discussion is ongoing & aligned with point above
  • Update on child exploitation from working groups & workshops on future shaping & prioritisation (including a captured voice of 2 x YP engaged with Team 8 – YP unable to attend)

West Somerset Essential Life Skills Funding

The Essential Life Skills programme is funded by the Department for Education as part of its support for the West Somerset Opportunity Area.

The programme aims to enable young people to improve their confidence, knowledge and skills through participation in extra-curricular activity programmes.

Grants are available to groups and individual young people in the West Somerset District Council area to develop and expand youth provision and enable young people to access positive activities. Group organisations like youth providers, schools and voluntary organisations, can apply for grant funding of up to £5,000 to either develop new activities, or expand their existing provision.

Further information can be found here.