Safer Communities Workshop

Do you have ideas about how your organisation can help to make Somerset a safer place to live and work?

How can your organisation contribute to the community safety agenda for Somerset?

Almost all community safety work is done in partnership. No matter the subject area, it is rare that any one issue can be dealt with by a single agency.

There is a range of community safety work that involves agencies such as the voluntary and community sector, the police, and local authorities. Inequalities in health and deprivation have been proven as being a contributing factor for both becoming an offender and the likelihood of becoming a victim.

We’ve teamed up with the Safer Somerset Partnership to host this a free themed workshop, which will be an opportunity to:

  • Find out about the role of the Safer Somerset Partnership – including its plan for 2017 – 2021
  • Understand safeguarding referral pathways and find out what to do if you have concerns
  • Learn about the multi-agency One Teams across Somerset, where they operate, and how you can link in with them
  • Gain an understanding of ‘County Lines’ and its prevalence in our County

The Local Authorities and Police want to use this as an opportunity to find out about the good work that is happening across the county, and to hear where the gaps/issues are, and explore how this can be better resourced and supported.

In addition, you’ll get the chance to hear about successful community safety initiatives in the county that have been led by the VCSE sector.

It’s being held on Tuesday 2nd July, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm at Long Sutton Golf Club. Booking is essential – register here.

An update from the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board

The latest newsletter from the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board is now available.

This edition includes:

  • News from the SSAB
  • SSAB Annual Conference
  • New Strategic Plan for 2019-2022
  • Mendip House Safeguarding Adult Review in the news
  • Changes to MARAC
  • Get the SSAB Website on your phone or tablet
  • Business Manager Blog
  • Learning Lessons
  • National: ‘Colin’
  • Regional:  Analysis of Safeguarding Adult Reviews in the South West
  • Local:  Sharing systems and best practices in relation to Never Events
  • Care about recruitment
  • Learning from Children’s Services
  • National News and Headlines
  • Training and Development
  • Useful Safeguarding Adults Links

You can read the newsletter here.

An Update From the Somerset Safeguarding Children Board

The latest newsletter from the Somerset Safeguarding Children Board is now available, the latest edition includes:

  • Learning from a recent multi-agency review of strategy discussions
  • Details of a safeguarding conversation about a child in need case
  • Resources to explain and promote contextual safeguarding
  • Details about the Somerset Safer Home Project.

You can read the newsletter here.

An Update From the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board

The latest newsletter from the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board features an update on its strategic plan, a toolkit to help you develop a domestic abuse policy for your workplace or organisation, and details of a new online resource for those working with survivors of sexual violence.

You can read the newsletter here.


The Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) have recently published their newsletter, which features the latest regional and national news and training and development opportunities. Highlights include:

SSAB Annual Self -Audit Launched
SSAB has adopted an Organisational Adult Safeguarding Self Audit Tool to help it evaluate the effectiveness of internal safeguarding arrangements, and to identify and prioritise any areas in need of further development, it’s designed to support local organisations in their continuous improvement of adult safeguarding work.

New Somerset Adult Safeguarding Guidance Published
SSAB’s Policy & Procedures Subgroup has developed new web-based guidance to support adult safeguarding. This guidance replaces Somerset’s Multi-Agency Adult Safeguarding Procedures and has been developed following the publication of it’s revised overarching Adult Safeguarding Policy in January 2018.

Somerset Think Family Strategy
The aim of the strategy is to encourage all partners to ‘Think Family’ and actively work together to secure better outcomes for children, young people and their families across Somerset.

You can download the newsletter here, and click here to subscribe.