Social Prescribing Workshop

Social Prescribing Workshop

National Voices is holding a regional South West workshop to capture the views of the VCSE sector on social prescribing.

Social prescribing, as described by the NHS and others, links people with health and care problems into practical and emotional support in communities and the voluntary sector.

National Voices is interested to hear about the experiences and perspectives of VCSE organisations on how social prescribing can fulfil its potential and improve the lives of people with health problems by better meeting their practical, social and emotional needs alongside their medical ones. This includes charities, social enterprises or other community-based organisations involved or looking to be involved in social prescribing in the South West. This could be in a role that links people with health problems into support and activities to improve wellbeing, a provider of such activities or as a community builder.

The workshop is being held on Thursday 5th March 2020, between 10am and 1pm at the South West Academic Health Science Network offices. You can register to attend HERE. Spaces will be confirmed as soon as possible.

This regional workshop is part of phase one of a National Voices social prescribing project. National Voices is the national umbrella membership body for charities working in health and care. The NHS England Personalised Care Group has commissioned National Voices to gather the insight and experiences of the VCSE sector on a key pillar of personalised care – social prescribing.