Free Peer-to-Peer Leadership Development Programme

Free Peer-to-Peer Leadership Development Programme

Cascading Leadership: supporting peer-to-peer leadership development in the voluntary and community sector

Applications are now open for the Kings Funds’ Cascading Leadership programme, a free peer-to-peer leadership development course for voluntary and community sector organisations working in health and wellbeing. It enables VCS leaders to share their extensive and varied expertise with peers, to talk about some of the challenges they face and to plan new ways of working.

The programme is distinctive in that:

  • those who provide support are themselves leaders in the VCS, so they understand the strengths and challenges organisations face
  • it develops the skills of both those receiving and providing the support
  • those providing the support are supervised and trained by senior staff at The Kings Fund.

Participants can apply to the programme as either a consultant (an established charity leader) or a partner (a leader who is seeking support). Once selected, each consultant is matched with a partner to work with.

The pairs meet regularly over a period of nine months. During these meetings, the partner has the opportunity to work through organisational and leadership issues and receive support. The consultant benefits from being stretched to develop their own leadership and skills, while being trained, supported and supervised by senior staff at The King’s Fund. For both consultants and partners, Cascading Leadership can build confidence, develop skills, expand networks, help organisations tackle major issues and, in some cases, be transformational.

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