Feedback from the Safer Somerset Partnership Meeting

Feedback from the Safer Somerset Partnership Meeting

Feedback from the Safer Somerset Partnership meeting which was held on Thurdsay 5th December, by Jane Knowles, Chief Executive Officer at SASP.

Violence Reduction Unit

There are 2 Violence reduction units, one in Bristol and one in Somerset. Their purpose is to improve ways to identify vulnerable people and children, and one of the priorities is to embed processes. The Units are Funded through Home Office funds.

The team is progressing, and posts have been filled. A better overview will be given at the next meeting in March.

Health and Wellbeing Board update

There is a data sharing panel which sits under the Health and Wellbeing Board, it will encourage data sharing between organisations and services to benefit the system, but more importantly enable individuals access services and support sooner.

The Nelson Trust Project SHE (Support, Help, Engagement)

Presentation by Nicki Gould from The Nelson Trust, outlining how the project has progressed.

Finance Update

The 2020/21 Community Safety Grant has been approved, totaling £211k. The money is designed to achieve the priorities outlined below:

  1. Protect people from the harm of domestic and sexual abuse
  2. Identify and prevent the exploitation of vulnerable people
  3. Identify inequalities and vulnerabilities and offer support to improve health outcome and reduce harm
  4. Meet the partnerships statutory duties

There is no application process and the criteria has yet to be agreed.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 5th March 2020.

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