Feedback from the Early Help Strategic Commissioning Board

Feedback from the Early Help Strategic Commissioning Board

VCSE Advocate Feedback from the Early Help Strategic Commissioning Board, from Angela Kerr, CEO at Citizens Advice South Somerset.

Early Help Somerset is described as “everyone’s responsibility; we want children, families, communities and agencies to work together so that families are assisted to help themselves and are supported as soon as a need arises. includes providing appropriate advice and support from a single agency, through to co-ordinated, multi-agency, intensive support, sometimes from specialist services”.

Resources for VCSE

visit for access to training and the Early Help training pack

Early Help Advice line (for any agency with a concern and needing some guidance) can reached on 01823 355803

More information is available via

Opportunities for VCSE

Early Help Fund (total of £200,000) to open in January 2020. Commissioner is Louise Palmer. AK suggested that:

a) Commissioners include a common outcome framework for successful bidders

b) County have a response for unsuccessful bidders to develop a network of community groups

c) Link successful projects to the wider VCSE (disseminate impact etc)

The date of the next meeting is 5th February 2020.