Updates from the VCSE Strategic Forum- 6th March 2019

The VCSE Stategic Forum Met  on Wednesday 6 March 2019. You can download the presentations here. The key speakers included:

Trudi Grant (Director – Public Health, SCC)

Outlined the key priorities within the Somerset Improving Lives Strategy and the importance of the wider determinants of health. Brought attention to the current work beginning around Integrated Care Systems and the need to bring the VCSE into these discussions at an early stage. Discussion then took place regarding what might a place-based approach look like in Somerset – look out for more discussions to be arranged soon.

Lucy Macready – Safer Communities

Provided an overview of Community Safety work going on in Somerset and keen to explore how the VCSE can get more involved in this agenda.

  • Opportunities around training, funding – linking with the VCSE to work up funding bids, will share  here on the VCSE website in future
  • Possibility to have VCSE representation on Safer Somerset Partnership board. Will go through VCSE Advocate process to be coordinated by Alison Baker
  • Recommended that further information and / or discussion needed to understand referral gateways linked to safeguarding and anti-social behaviour. Michael Hammond also reminded groups about the Resolving Professional Differences Policy.

Healthwatch Somerset

Brought their Somerset Priorities 2019/20 to the forum for comment. Also raised awareness of their Campervan and comments tour around Somerset to get peoples views on health and social care. Find out more including dates here.


Kevin O’Donnell provided an overview of the journey so far for PROMISEworks and the challenges they have faced. Further information about PROMISEworks is available here.

Proposed Merger between Somerset Partnership and Taunton and Somerset NHS FTs

Karen Prosser provided an update on the proposed merger and keen to explore how can work more closely with partners to provide person-centred, joined-up care closer to home and out of hospital.  Asked for interested VCSE organisations to contact her Karen.prosser@sompar.nhs.uk

Somerset Youth Provision update – Nik Harwood provided an update on recent discussions regarding youth provision and advised that an online survey has been created for youth groups to help establish an up to date picture of how groups are faring following the recent cuts to County services. Further information here.

State of the Sector Survey – Was last undertaken in 2016 (report available here) and planning to repeat in the Autumn 2019 Richmond Group update – Aimie Cole provided an update on developments and advised that all the learning and case studies are being added to the website.

Save the date! The VCSE leaders conference will be held on Friday 21 June 2019 at Monks Yard. More details coming soon.



Updates from the VCSE Strategic Forum 6 June 2018

The Somerset VCSE Strategic Forum met on Wednesday 6 June 2018.

You can download the key notes and presentations from the meeting below. To find out more about the forum click here.

Key Points


Presentation by SASP and Spark

This Girl Can, shown during presentation by SASP and Spark


Somerset Diverse Communities – Initial Findings Report

Somerset Diverse Communities – Key Statistics

Somerset Diverse Communities Films

Green Shoots (Albemarle Consultation)