Catch up on the Richmond Group’s social prescribing webinar

Chloe Reeves and Aimie Cole, who have been leading the Richmond Group‘s ‘Doing the Right Thing‘ programme, recently held a webinar to present their learning so far. The webinar explored:

  • What social prescribing is and is not
  • The who, what and why of social prescribing
  • How social prescribing can be delivered and the five essentials
  • Language and how to talk about social prescribing
  • How to measure social prescribing
  • Considerations around commissioning and funding of social prescribing

You can catch up on the webinar here


The Somerset Fund

The Somerset Fund is administered by Somerset Community Foundation (SCF), and was created to offer a simpler and more effective way for businesses to give locally.

The first round of grants is now open, and small groups that run on less than £50,000 per year are invited to apply.

Unrestricted Funding is available to support a wide range of groups from across Somerset. SCF is particularly interested in:

  • Giving the best start in life to the most disadvantaged children
  • Growing the life skills of young people
  • Improving the mental health of people of all ages
  • Increasing opportunities for better physical health
  • Supporting people with disabilities and life-limiting illnesses, and their carers
  • Combatting loneliness and isolation

The application deadline is Friday 22nd February 2019. You can find out more here.